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A waterproof panelling system

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  • I’ve never had an unhappy customer that has chosen Showerwall wall panels for bathroom installation. They always give a really professional finish and take much less time to install than tiling. I’d recommend Showerwall to anyone

  • Whoever designed this Sureseal trim should get a medal for design as it makes panels easy to install and covers unsightly join, cut and silicone lines.

  • Great Product and so easy to install.  I searched the internet for an alternative to tiles and came across Showerwall.  After ordering some free samples from the website Showerwall pointed me in the direction of my local distributor.  I was able to collect the panels immediately and the easy installation meant I could fit the product the same day.

  • Recommending Showerwall to our customers saves them time and money on installation. Furthermore it gives our company added value by being able to sell a bathroom panelling product into the lucrative tiling market that we wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The product finish is also excellent.